Aquum Club

  • Pitiusas room
  • Japanese zone, surrounding showers Kunisaki
  • Multisensory room
  • Infrared room
  • Sauna

A privileged environment inviting you to relax in an exquisite atmosphere. Minimum age 12 years old.

Relax comfortably while receiving a gentle full body water spray, discover a wide variety of shower sensations (fine mist spray, contrasting temperatures, etc). Awaken the body in hot and cold contrasting pools at 42° and 18°. Soak in a 36° Jacuzzi. Thermal zone with sauna, steam bath and ice fountain.Zen zone with tea room, infrared heating lights, contemplative room with aroma, chromo and music therapy.

A sensual treat.


 Open from 10am to 9pm,.

Phone number 977358061.


Aquum Spa&Club* (+ 12 years old) 30 €
  • Maximum access 3 hours.
  • Swim suit and swimming cap required, both available for purchase. It is allowed to wear latex socks also available for purchase
  • The Aquum Club includes entrance to the Aquum Spa and towels.