• Spa facilities: Pacific Pool 30°
  • Spa facilities: Hydrodynamic channel
  • Spa facilities:Waterfall
  • Pitiusas room
  • Japanese zone, surrounding showers Kunisaki

Currently the society in which we live has forced us into more and more frenetic way of life, a rhythm that influences our daily life without our noticing that this is causing us to not enjoy that perfect balance, so that our minds and our bodies are in harmony, and this would lead us to the state of well being that we all desire.

Escape, space, splendour, luminosity, calm, serenity... are words that define the surrounding of Aquum, a space designed to invite to relax and to the well-being of you and your family.

An installation of 4000m2 where we offer a new manner of understanding well- being and rest offering health and surroundings in constant harmony, inspired in oceans that enrich us with their serenity and tranquillity, taking benefit of our marine surroundings: The sea as an untiring source of well being and origin of life.

Aquum Spa&Wellness les ofrece la posibilidad de disfrutar de nuestras instalaciones con tres opciones muy interesantes y que se complementan a la perfección para cubrir todas las necesidades:

  • Aquum Spa
  • Aquum Club
  • Aquum Wellness.