Ecological programme Aquum

  • Double glazed facade
  • Roof mounted solar panels
  • Treatment and Water Reuse

We have started an ecological programme that allows us to optimize y obtain maximum benefit from energy resources. Here is a list of the main processes that Aquum  programa Eco + programme includes

  • Bioclimatic Architecture – innovation and integration in the surroundings
  • Self-ventilation system double glazed facade that minimizes heat absorption by solar radiation and achieves comfort and energy savings
  • Roof mounted solar panels: Savings in both electricity consumption and C02 emissions
  • Recuperation of thermal energy
  • Use of ecological fuels
  • Use of efficient thermal isolations
  • Automated control systems
  • Automatic external doors
  • Use of thermal blankets
  • High performance lighting with low consumption bulbs
  • Heating of swimming pool water by solar panels
  • Utilization systems that allow reducing energy consumption by 60%.