Facial Thalgo

Thalgo Prodige des Océans

Thalgo Prodige des Océans

Exclusive experience with a prestigious range of products with active ingredients of marine origin to smooth wrinkles, to restore firmness, to correct dryness, to control pigmentation spots.

  • Make-up remover with "Éveil à la Mer"..
  • Exfoliation with "Gommage Fondant aux Cristaux Marins".
  • Digito-presion Regenerante with the "Embruns Vivifants Régénératifs" to activate cell renewal and relax.
  • Exclusive facial massage with "Le Masque Prodige des Océans", a mask that smoothes wrinkles through a "Botox" effect and intensely oxygenates.
  • Arm and hand massage with "Le Baume de Massage Prodige des Océans".
  • Application of "Le Concentré and Crème Prodige des Océans" to regenerate from the inside and support the entire cutaneous structure.

Reservations and cancellations 24 hours in advance.

Duración: 90 min.
Precio: 125.00€

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