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Merveille Arctique by Thalgo

Merveille Arctique by Thalgo

Stimulating experience born of the encounter between the cold and the heat, to enjoy a deep relaxation.

  • Relaxing bath

Hot bath with effervescent tablet to relax, release tension and promote the detoxification process. The Merveille Arctique perfume immerses the body in Icelandic warm water sources.

  • Salt Flakes Peeling 30 min

Body peeling with exfoliating salts with a texture of flakes renew and soften the skin, leaving it velvety.

  • Merveille Arctique Massage 50 min

This exclusive massage is inspired by the Swedish Massage and the Deep Tissue Massage, techniques used for muscle relaxation. Intense movements, warm-ups and stretching are associated with Relaxing Ice Spheres, obtaining a symphony of thermal exchanges in the skin. Relaxing warmth and life-giving freshness follow one another to release all tensions, eliminate stress, harmonize and balance the body.


Reservations and cancellations at least 24 hours in advance.

Duración: 120 min.
Precio: 126.00€

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