Egipt's Queen Ritual

Egipt's Queen Ritual

It is a ritual to nourish, hydrate, relax and rejuvenate.

  • It starts with a fogging with Egypt’s Queen Beauty Water and pressures on arms and legs
  • Body peeling made with Dead Sea Salts and Egypt’s Queen oil
  • Application of body wrap made with Dead Sea Mud and Egypt’s Queen Essential Oil
  • Facial regenerating treatment:
    • Cleaning with Ylang-ylang Emulsion  
    • Toning with Rose Water
    • Peeling made of Dead Sea Salt and Carrot’s oil
    • Mask of Dead Sea Mud and Egypt’s Queen Essential Oil
    • o   Application of Eye’s Contour Cream and Facial Cream
  •         Relaxing body massage with Egypt’s Queen body oil


Reservations and cancellations 24 hours in advance.

Duración: 80 min.
Precio: 105.00€

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