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Thalgo Minceur Integrative

Thalgo Minceur Integrative

This is a slimming treatment that corrects (deep and superficial) fat nodules that cause cellulite, fat accumulation and sagging skin.  

  1.      Stimulate

This High Precision Sculptor treatment starts with the ingestion of “Starter Nutrition”: You can take either “Coach Anti-Capitons” to correct cellulite or “Océa Drain” to initiate the weight loss. Afterwards, the Enveloppement (a body mask that deeply oxygenates the tissues to break the cellulite nodules and activate fat elimination).

  1.      Correct

The Perfect Sculpt massage is a succession of deep and efficient movements designed to get rid of cellulite and localized fat accumulation. It restores tissue firmness.  

  1.      Sublimate

For an even more efficient result the finishing touch consists on the application of a specific cream depending on the customer necessity. 


Reservations and cancellations 24 hours in advance.

Duración: 50 min.
Precio: 75.00€

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