Eternal Youth Ritual

Eternal Youth Ritual

This ritual begins with a deep relaxation through the breathing and a massage with soft pressures and streching to unlock the body.

Afterwards, with a mixture of Eternal Youth Body Oil, Rosewood Essential Oil and Dead Sea Salt, we make a peeling to smooth the skin. 

Seaweed (slimming) body wrap with essential oils to purify the body; meanwhile we do the facial treatment:

  -Remove make-up, clean and hydrate the skin with Ylang-Ylang EmulsionWheat Germ Oil, and Rose Water

  -Facial peeling with Dead Sea Salt, honey and Anti-age cream Eternal Youth

  -Draining massage with essential oils to activate micro-circulation

  -Firming mask with Orange Essential Oil

  -Head massage with Almond Oil and Rosemary/Lavender Essential Oils

Relaxing bath (hydro-massage) made of Eternal Youth Body Elixir and essential oils (Lemon, Orange, Tangerine and Geranium)

This beautiful ritual ends up with a complete relaxing massage through all body with Eternal Youth Body Oil.


Reservations and cancellations 24 hours in advance.

Duración: 110 min.
Precio: 148.00€

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