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Spirit of Polynesia by Thalgo

Spirit of Polynesia by Thalgo

Ritual inspired by the paradisiacal islands of the Pacific to live a sensation of absolute relaxation. Leaves the skin velvety and with a natural luminosity.

  • Polynesian Peeling   25’

Inspired by Mahoi’s culture, this scrub with White sand, sea salt and coconut shell purifies the body very gently and leaves the skin soft and velvety. Perfumed and enriched with vanilla extracts, this scrub takes you to the heart of the Polynesian island.

  • Relaxing bath 20’

Relaxing bath with the Effervescent Bathing Tablet. The essential relaxing oils guarantee a complete relaxation. As a result, the body relaxes, let it go, and tensions disappear.

  • Mahana Massage 55’

A slow and deep manual massage with Mahana oil, combined with Tuipons (bags of hot sand from the beaches of Bora-Bora) that are applied to areas of tension for a complete relaxation of body and mind.

  • Application of Sacred oil

This is a concentrate of Monoï from Tahiti and nacres: sublimates the skin with iridescent tones and a warm and sweet perfume. The skin, velvety, enhances its natural beauty and luminosity.


Reservations and cancellations 24 hours in advance.

Duración: 120 min.
Precio: 126.00€

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